Aspiring Indian Student should keep in mind while choosing a flying School

The most important decision in an airline pilots career is the one that is made before training begins. The selection of a training institution will profoundly affect the direction, speed and overall success of an airline career. Becoming an airline pilot is much more than just flight training, accumulating flight hours and acquiring basic flying skills in general aviation aircraft. Unfortunately that is all that most “flight schools” provide worldwide.

Single Engine Turbo Prop.

Single Engine Turbo Prop.

Developments in the airline industry have prompted airlines to look for commercial pilots that have more to offer than just technical flight competencies in small, general aviation aircraft. The industry demands competent, effective and efficient First Officer or Co- Pilots with prior large transport experience. Present Industry training paradigms have forced many airline training departments to become flight schools of sorts and incurred enormous expenses training their cadets to accept students should address and require that their training be geared towards their goal that if becoming an airline pilot on a jet transport.


~ by anand213 on February 23, 2009.

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