FSF & ALAR Process : Did We know ?

Safety information is shared and disseminated world wide. We learn by sharing knowledge and experience. That is the way safety can be enhanced. In today’s aviation world, the emphasis is how to mitigate and prevent a recurrence. In 2000, the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) along with a host of safety experts, introduced the ALAR (Approach and Landing Accident Reduction) project. The objective of the project was to reduce 50% in five years. A toolkit was distributed worldwide to spread the message.

In India, we started the ALAR project in right earnest in 2001. An adverse weather operation training kit was brought out as a part of the project. Our work was appreciated worldwide. As it happens in India to any progressive project, it has died a natural death. Only time will tell if our aviation will have a fairy tale ending or a tragedy in the coming monsoons.

Approach and Landing Accident Reduction

Approach and Landing Accident Reduction

Safety studies have established that the majority of the landing accidents have happened in nights or when carrying out what is called the non-precision approaches. During periods of heavy rain, days become nights soon ! Pilots fly in belief and trust that the runway conditions reported to them are accurate. Most of the time their judgments and skills helps, but at times things go wrongs and nothing would be lucky enough . The AAI (Airport Authority of India) and DGCA have to get their act together on the runway safety.


~ by anand213 on February 23, 2009.

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