International Civil Aviation Organization

International Civil Aviation Organization

For safe operations, the ICAO has mandated that the standards mentioned are compiled with. The runway surface is the key to safe operations. As far as ICAO is considered there should not be any sort of relaxations allowed as clearly mentioned.

Airports Authoriy of India

Airports Authoriy of India

The AAI, the guardian of our airports, fail to understand the requirement to follow the ICAO documents. They seem to follow the 2002 INDIAN ROADS CONGRESS REPORT! The reports further said that rubberizing Indian roads would provide better grip for tyres and avoid skidding of vehicles


RUNWAYS ARE NOT ROADS. And rubber on the runway is very dangerous especially when wet. It has to be removed and the friction coefficient of the runway has to done as per ICAO Standards. AAI has failed in this as well..


~ by anand213 on February 23, 2009.

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