The following are commonly used in aviation and may be found throughout aviation legislation.


Abbreviations in Aviation Industry are:

  • AAL Above aerodrome level
  • ABC Auto boost control
  • ACARS Aircraft communications & Reporting System
  • ACAS Airborne collision avoidance system
  • ADC Air data computer
  • ADF Automatic direction finder
  • ADI Attitude directional indicator/ instrument
  • ADS-B Automated dependent surveillance- Broadcast
  • AGC Automatic gain control
  • AH Artificial horizon
  • AIC Aeronautical Information circular
  • ALT Altimeter
  • A 0f A Angle of Attack
  • APFDS Autopilot flight director system
  • AP Auto pilot
  • APS Aircraft prepared for service
  • ASDA(R) Accelerate stop distance available
  • ASI (R) Air speed indicator ( Reading)
  • AT Autothrust /Throttle
  • ATIS Automatic terminal Information service
  • ATM Aerodynamic turning moment
  • BDC Bottom dead center
  • BFO Beat frequency oscillator
  • BHP Brake horsepower
  • CAS Calibrated Airspeed
  • CB Cumulonimbus clouds
  • CDI Course deviator indicator
  • CDU Control display unit
  • CFIT Controlled flight into terrain
  • CL Coefficient of lift
  • CN Compass North
  • C of A Certificate of airworthiness
  • CSD Contstant speed drive unit
  • CSU Constant speed unit
  • CTM Centrifugal turning moment
  • CU Cumulus cloud
  • CWS Control wheel steering
  • DME Distance measuring equipment
  • DALR Dry adiabatic lapse rate
  • DI Directional indicator
  • DH (A) Decision height (altitude)
  • EADI Electronic attitude directional indicator
  • EAS Equivalent airspeed
  • EAT Expected approach time
  • EDR Emergency distance required
  • EFIS Electronic flight intsrument system
  • EGPWS Electronic ground proximity warning
  • EGT Exhausted gas temperature
  • EHSI Electronic horizontal situation indicator
  • ELR Environmental lapse rate
  • EMDAR Emergency distance available required
  • EPR Engine pressure ratio
  • ETOPS Extended twin operation

Abbreviations will be continued in my next blog from ” F


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