• FADEC Full authority digital engine control
  • FAF Final approach fix
  • FANS Future air navigation systems
  • FCC Flight control computer
  • FCU Fuel/flight control unit
  • FDS Flight director system
  • FIR Flight information regions
  • FL Flight level
  • FMCS Flight management computer systems
  • fpm Feet per minute
  • GLS Global landing system
  • GPS Global positioning system
  • GPWS Global positioning warning system
  • GLONASS Global navigation satellite system
  • GS Glide slope
  • HSI Horizontal situation indicator
  • HUD Head up display
  • HUGS Head up guidance sysyem
  • HWC Headwind component
  • IAF Initial approach fix
  • IAS Indicated Airspeed
  • ICAO International Civil aviation organization
  • IFR Instrument flight rules
  • ILS Instrument landing system
  • IMC Instrument meteorologic conditions
  • INS Inertia Navigation system
  • IRS Inertia reference system
  • ISA International standard atmosphere
  • ITCZ Intertropical convergence zone
  • IVSI Inertia/Instantaneous vertical speed indicator
  • LDA Landing distance available
  • LNAV Lateral Navigator
  • LRC Long range cruise
  • LSS Local speed of sound
  • MLW Maximum landing weight
  • MZFW Maximum zero fuel weight
  • MABH Minimum approach breakoff height
  • MAC Mean aerodynamic chord
  • MAP Missed approach point
  • Mcrit Critical Mach number
  • MDF Mach demonstrated max. flight diving speed
  • MDH Minimum decision height
  • MEA Minimum en route altitude
  • MEL Minimum equipment list
  • MLS Microwave landing system
  • MM/MN Mach meter / Mach number/ Magnetic north
  • MSA Minimum sector altitude
  • MSL Mean sea level
  • MSU Mode selector unit
  • NOTAMs Notices to airmen
  • NTOFP Net takeoff flight path
  • OAT Outside air temperature
  • OBI Omni bearing instrument
  • OCHT Obstacle clearance height
  • PAPI Precision approach path lights
  • PAR Precision approach radar
  • PNR Point of no return
  • QDM Magnetic bearing to all station
  • QDR Magnetic bearing from the station
  • RAS Rectified airspeed
  • RAT Ram air turbine
  • RBI Relative bearing indicator
  • RMI Radio magnetic indicator
  • ROC Rate of climb
  • ROD Rate of descent
  • RTO Rejected take off
  • RVR Runway visual range
  • RW Ramp weight
  • SALR Saturated Adiabatic lapse rate
  • SAT Static air temperature
  • SFC Specific fuel consumption
  • SIDs Standard instrument departures
  • SRA Secondary radar approach
  • SSA Sector safe altitude
  • SSR Secondary surveillance radar
  • STARs Standard arrivals
  • SVFR Special visual flight rules
  • SWD Supercooled water droplets
  • TAF Terminal aerodrome forecast
  • TAS True airspeed
  • TAT Total air temperature
  • TCAS Traffic collision and avoidance system
  • TDC Top dead center
  • TGT Total gas temperature
  • TOD Takeoff distance
  • TOGA Take off go-around
  • TOR Takeoff run
  • MTOW Max takeoff weight
  • TRU Transformer rectifier unit
  • TWC Tailwind component
  • VIMD Minimum drag speed
  • VIMP Minimum power speed
  • VMBE Maximum brake energy speed
  • VMC Visual meteorologic conditions
  • VMDF Velocity/MAch max. demonstrated flight driving speed
  • VMMO Velocity/ Mach max. operating speed
  • WAT Weight altitude temperature
  • WED Water equivalent depth

Huh.. finally it has come to an end.. Hope this would be informative for people who want to know about this.. NOTAMs (Notice to Airmens) are been made as simple as that.. so i guess Abbre.. need to learnt as every second wasting would lead to many changes when you are flying 😛 … Catch you with something more about Aircrafts in the commercial stream..


~ by anand213 on March 1, 2009.

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