NACIL Employees call of Stir as Govt. proposes Negotiations


Mumbai: The Civil Aviation Joint Action Forum (CAJAF), has deferred its proposed agitation over Air India forming a joint venture in ground-handling with SATS, following Government inviting its leaders for negotiations on March 20.
“We have postponed our proposed agitation from today as the Government has called for talks. We will be meeting the Civil Aviation Secretary, M Madhavan Nambiar, on March 20 and put across our view point,” Air Corporation Employees Union’s General Secretary, Vivek Rao, told PTI here on Wednesday.
The venue for the meeting has, however, not been decided as yet, Rao said, adding that, this is for the first time the Government has agreed to solicit views from the unions on this critical issue.
ACEU, which is the union of erstwhile Indian Airlines employees, has formed a common front with Aviation Industry Employees Guild (AIEG), the Air India employees union, to take up the cause of over 10,000 employees involved in ground-handling operations at airports across the country.



~ by anand213 on March 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “NACIL Employees call of Stir as Govt. proposes Negotiations”

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  2. yes thats understood.. waiting for a KF news..and the chicks will be in soon 😛

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