Two Planes Collide on Jorhat Runway

alliance_air_logoTinsukia/Jorhat: Barely three weeks after the bone-chilling near-miss over the Jorhat sky, 38 people on board a Kolkata-bound Alliance Air flight had a close shave when its wings hit those of another aircraft of the same airline at Jorhat airport in Rowriah on Tuesday.
The second aircraft, also an ATR bound for Guwahati with two people on board, was parked at the parking bay.
The incident took place when the Alliance Air flight CD 7719 scheduled to depart for Kolkata at 2:45 pm was taxiing out from the parking bay to the runway. Its wings hit that of the CD 7761 flight at the parking bay. No casualty was reported.
Sandip Agarwal, a passenger in the Kolkata-bound flight, said he saw wings of both the aircraft getting damaged. Airport sources, however, said only the backlight on the wings were damaged.
The flight to Guwahati, CD 7761, scheduled to leave Jorhat at 3:15 pm, could take off around 5 pm after a delay of nearly two hours, while the flight to Kolkata was grounded for the day for some minor repair and technical inspection. Jorhat airport officials told TOI that the aircraft will leave Kolkata on Wednesday.
CD 7719, flying in the Kolkata-Badapani-Jorhat sector, had earlier landed at Jorhat airport and was given clearance for taxiing by the ATC, which is controlled by the Indian Air Force (IAF).
On the other hand, Guwahati-bound CD 7761 had just arrived from Dibrugarh and was at the parking bay.


~ by anand213 on March 4, 2009.

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