Alcohol tests suggested for ATCs, pay hikes too


New Delhi: Concerned over the “high” number of airport incidents, a parliamentary committee has suggested alcohol tests for air-traffic controllers (ATCOs) as in the case of pilots, but also recommended a hike in their pay and reduction in working hours to retain them.
Maintaining that “high alertness” on the part of air-traffic control officers was crucial for air safety, it said it was “incumbent upon every one of them (ATC personnel) to perform their duties with utmost care and caution” and sought introducing a system of breath analysis/alcohol tests as done for pilots before they logged in for duty.
In its 37th report, the Committee on Public Undertakings (CPU) asked the Airports Authority of India (AAI) to take prompt measures to attract, recruit and retain an adequate number of qualified ATCOs.
This, it said, could be done by “reviewing working hours, making working conditions more attractive and upgrading suitably the salary structure and career progression”.
These measures were required because of the “stressful and sensitive nature” of an ATCO’s job and “the revelation that a high percentage of airport incidents have been attributed to ATC personnel,” the CPU, headed by senior CPI(M) MP Rupchand Pal, said.
04/03/09 SamayLive


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