‘He wanted to kill at least two terrorists’

sasraBangalore: Wing Commander K Praveen (35) who was one of the three unfortunate test pilots charred to death after the indigenous multipurpose civil aircraft Saras crashed and was reduced to flames, had a burning desire within him to kill at least two terrorists.
He even told his family members to mentally prepare for any eventualities including his death.
“He was a brave officer who always wanted to be on the war front,” said his relative Vishwanath .
Praveen was recently transferred to a new job in north India and was about to report to the post in about 20 days, his brother-in-law Ganesh told The New Indian Express.
Praveen is survived by his wife Tanushree and daughter Naina (8), his parents Ramdas and Nirmala and sister Anupama. Praveen is a native of Yedur in Shimoga, which is now submerged in the Varahi project and was settled in Bangalore at the Vishwa Vihar Air Force quarters on Old Madras Road.
Other family sources said that Praveen was telling his friends about the technical faults in the Saras.
The brave officer’s last rites would be performed at the Air Force crematorium on Sunday with full state honours.


~ by anand213 on March 9, 2009.

13 Responses to “‘He wanted to kill at least two terrorists’”

  1. I hope Govt of India recognizes the sacrifices made by these young pilots, the top guns of IAF, who died, while testing an aircraft meant to be certified for airworthines, for commercial purpose and sale to other countries, in the future.

  2. Praveen had played a key role int eh Kargil war and had bombed a lot of the terrorist locaitons there. i am sure he ended up killing many more than 2!

  3. I did not worry much when I heard the news about the Plane crash. After some time, when I visited my primary school my teacher told me about the sad demise of Praveen. He was my super senior in that small school. Eventhough I do not know him personally I have heard a lot about him. He was an Ideal Student that a teached can be proud of. He is known for his Determination, Hard work, Aggressiveness and what not !!!. All my friends and teachers felt sad but we are all proud of him, proud of being the students of same school where he studied.My teacher still have Greeting cards which was sent by him and his daughter Naina. Can any of you send me his family’s contact number please… Hoping to get it ASAP… Sharath 9916506688

  4. i m sorry dude.. i have no idea about the contact nos.. if i get any info. will pass it to you.. i feel so sad for Praveen..

  5. Am really sadden…..and can’t help missing our childhood days spent with Praveen.
    Praveen used to be my one of my best buddies during our Middle School (Mary Immaculate Higher Primary School) days in Shimoga City. Always had lunch and walked home together. He was Intelligent and sharp yet aggressive fella….Even then he had vision and always shared his ambition to become fighter plane pilot.
    Lost contact after his father (K Ramdas) got transferred to Mandya, Karnataka State….. but did get an update from his distant cousin (Arvind S.P) that he had got through pilot training at Khadakwasla….
    Years past (probably 15) when he made a surprise visit to me (Shimoga City). It was my parent’s 25th anniversary 13.05.95. What nice occasion it was, I went ecstatic to greeting him. The little fella was now about 6.2” !! Little did I know that this will be the last ever time seeing him.
    ….and to hear this news being in UK is the hardest.

    Praveen, you are in my deepest thoughts and very proud of you.

    Can some please pass me his parent’s details??? Am pretty sure his parents will recognise me.


    Shashi (Simmu)

  6. Sharath, did you get any details of Praveen’s family ??

  7. Hi Anand, thanks for getting back…. just got lost a bit in navigating on the link provided. I could not find out about Praveen’s details. If you do not mind, can you please drop a email to me- simmu4@rediffmail.com.
    Thanks once again.

    • Hey shashi.. how you doing.. Sry yaar i m tryin my best to gather some info so that it will be useful.. Give me some time.. when i get i ll pass it your email for sure..
      Hope you get updated in my new website http://www.aviatingindia.com

  8. Praveen was a friend of mine in Primary school in KADUR. He was a bench mark in our school against which we all tried to measure ourselves. He used to draw the picture of a helicopter which we all copied. He always said he wanted to be a pilot. I even remember lot of my classmates who did not know what pilot meant also said they wanted to be pilot because he wanted to be one. His parents were really supportive of him. I even borrowed comics from him. He loved reading bahadur and bela. He is the only person I have met who knew from childhood what he wanted to be. I am sad but also happy that…I knew praveen and he was a friend of mine.

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