More jobs on horizon for Indian pilots

Jobs getting ready for Indian Pilots soon

Jobs getting ready for Indian Pilots soon

New Delhi: Jobless pilots in the country have a reason to cheer. After the Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s (DGCA) directive to replace foreign pilots with their Indian counterparts by July 31 2010, commercial pilot licence (CPL) holders will be in demand.
At present, there are around 1,000 foreign pilots working for different airlines in India. Also Air India is on a hiring spree. “This year, we plan to hire 30-40 pilots every three months and to induct 30 new aircraft (including the replacements) during the fiscal 2009-2010,” said Jeetendra Bhargava, executive director, corporate communications, Air India. For more jobs details.

The directive has also favoured flying schools. Acumen School of Pilot Training (ASPT) claims the number of applications in past two months have gone up. “In past two months, we have got more than 45 applications,” said Chandni Chawla, ASPT’s business head. Even the flying schools abroad are also chasing in on this. Recently, Pacific Aviation Academy from British Columbia held a workshop in the Capital and received a huge response.
But DGCA has a word of caution. Charan Das, Deputy Director General, DGCA, said: “One shouldn’t expect a big turnaround unless airline companies get in the expansion mode, which is not happening as of now.”


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