BA pilot sues airline over ‘jock’ racism claim

Racism at British Airways

Racism at British Airways

A Scottish senior British Airways pilot is suing the airline for racism after he was called “a jock” and told to go back to his welfare state paid for by the English.
Douglas Maughan also claims there is a culture of racism at BA. Mr Maughan, 54, who has 29 years’ flying experience, 15 with BA, said he received a letter and e-mails from a pilot he had never met after he had a letter published in the staff magazine BA News in 2005 which defended Labour’s economic record.
One of the letters said: “Come separation will all Jocks to that welfare state (paid for by English middle classes) ??? please say yes.” Speaking from his home in Dunblane, Mr Maughan said: “I have heard the terms coon’, nigger’, sambo’ and wog’. I was shocked because I thought this sort of language had stopped.”
Father-of-two Mr Maughan said it was particularly upsetting when a colleague said he did not like Indian women because “they are dirty”. The pilot added: “He did not know my wife is Asian, but there is a canteen culture of racism at BA.”


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