Boyfriend wouldn’t let her smoke, airhostess jumps 5 floors to death

jet-airways Air hostess Commits suicide

jet-airways Air hostess Commits suicide

Mumbai: A few drinks and an “argument” over a cigarette led to a 20-year-old Jet Airways airhostess jumping to her death from the fifth floor of her boyfriend’s building in Powai on Wednesday morning. The Powai police have registered a case of suicide.
Anupama Acharya and boyfriend Samar Vikas Yejurvedi, 24, a co-pilot with the same airline, had watched a movie together and gone to Yejurvedi’s house for a few drinks. Around 2.30 am, a drunken Acharya had insisted on having a smoke but after being told not to by Yejurvedi, she had angrily left the house and jumped off the stairwell.
“Acharya and Yejurvedi had secured jobs in the airline around a year ago. They had met one-and-a-half months ago, learnt both of them hailed from Karnataka and began seeing each other. Acharya stayed in a rented flat in Marol, while Yejurvedi shared a sixth floor flat with five others in Jheel Darshan building in Powai,” senior inspector Rajdoot Rupwate of Powai police said.
“On Tuesday, Acharya had missed her flight while Yejurvedi had his day off. Anxious at having missed her flight, Acharya had called up Yejurvedi,” he said.
The couple watched a movie at a Goregaon Mall and Acharya had reportedly suggested that they have a few drinks. Yejurvedi had then called up a roomate to get some alcohol. The three drank in the bedroom.
“The ‘party’ was winding up around 1.30 am when Acharya decided to stay at Yejurvedi’s place as it was too late to go home. Acharya then said she needed a cigarette but Yejurvedi did not allow her to, saying she was already high. She then reportedly began arguing with Yejurvedi,” Rupwate said.
According to Yejurvedi’s roommate who did not wish to be named, Acharya had refused to obey Yejurvedi. She said she didn’t want to stay at his house and wanted to go back home.
“Yejurvedi had messaged Acharya’s father on his cellphone and requested him to speak with her. Acharya’s father had called her up. However, Acharya insisted on going home and Yejurvedi offered to accompany her to the autorickshaw stand. However, between 2.30 – 3.30 am, Acharya had argued with Yejurvedi in the corridor. She reportedly kept repeating that she will show him what she can do. Before he could react, she leapt off the stairwell,” said Rupwate.

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5 Responses to “Boyfriend wouldn’t let her smoke, airhostess jumps 5 floors to death”

  1. lol…dumb people man 🙂

  2. ROFL i think i know that air hostress…

  3. if the co pilot was so concerned about her smoking ,,then why did he give her to drink so much….im sure he must have pushed her and playing good guy now…its a possibllity..

  4. may be he would have dumped her.. lol… Nd you n1 man .. detective huh 😛

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