They can dodge missiles and jam enemy radars

They can dodge missiles and jam enemy radars

They can dodge missiles and jam enemy radars

When India’s prime minister Manmohan Singh leaves for London on April 2 for the G-20 summit, he will probably not fly Air India.
Three new business jets, which some have already started calling India’s Air Force One, are ready and waiting in Delhi to take the PM.
Media reports have it that these jets will be inducted into the Indian Air Force on April 1.
The jets, which are basically Boeing 737 wide-bodied VVIP Boeing Business Jets, were ordered in October 2005 at a total cost of Rs937 crores.
They are equipped with high-tech self-protection suites to guard against missiles, encrypted satellite communication facilities and advanced navigation aids.
When tabla! contacted Boeing, its officials did not want to reveal specific details of the jet.
They were willing to provide photos of typical interiors of such aircraft and not photos of the actual planes ordered by the Indian government. The first jet arrived in India last August and the other two followed subsequently.
“The three aircraft are being extensively flown across the country and are undergoing complete system checks…”, a defence ministry official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told IANS.
The aircraft’s interiors are being fitted to carry 48 people, including the president or prime minister in a special cabin with a full-fledged executive office and bedroom.
The three jets themselves cost Rs734 crores while the security suite cost another Rs202.93 crores.
The sophisticated security equipment can alert the plane if a missile is heading its way and help it to take evasive action by shooting metal chaff to “fool” the radar-guided missiles and flares to throw heat-seeking missiles off-track.


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