Recession? We want our flying machines!

helicopters for campaigning

helicopters for campaigning

Bangalore: Whoever said there is a recession looming large over India should take a look at the indents that have been pouring in for Helicopter companies! and if you are guessing who could it be? You are right! Who else than politicians and their parties.
Recession has touched every one of us except the politicians and they now want their helicopters for campaigning, many of them are already owning their own fleets and those unfortunate politicians who do not own one are booking with the companies that offer such services, many of them have hired through their respective parties and some others through their personal account.
All over the country helicopter fleet owners and operators are fully booked for next one month, they are also been given higher prices by the political parties. A few parties have roped in few star campaigners and these helicopters will be used for flying the star campaigners from place to place in the shortest time to catch up with the campaigning.
“Politicians and candidates concentration is on the programmes and what is to be done at the end of their flight. They are not worried about the flight. It’s only a means of transportation for them,” said M K Chandrasekhar, Director, Jupiter Aviation, Bangalore.
According to some of the helicopter service providers the demand has been more than what it had been in 2004. That year the country had a stock of 124 helicopters (four seaters) while presently the country can boast of having total of 1024 helicopters including the private owners, industrialists and politicians.
However, more than earning handsome amount from the chartered flights, the operators are equally concerned about the safety and security of their flying machines.
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