Ministry-DIAL rift over closure of runway

Ministry-DIAL rift over closure of runway

Ministry-DIAL rift over closure of runwa

Differences have cropped up between the civil aviation ministry and Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) over the closure of the airport’s main runway.
“DIAL wants the entire runway closed for a long period of time, while the ministry is against it, citing inconvenience caused to the passengers due to the move,” said a source close to the development.
“We do not want the runway closed. We are still looking at various options. Today’s meeting remained inconclusive. We are meeting again in about a week’s time,” said a senior official from the ministry. A DIAL spokesperson said he was unaware of the meeting.
The Delhi airport currently has three runways — 27, 28 and the new runway 29 — out of which 28 and 29 are mainly used. According to sources, DIAL wants runway 28 to be closed.
However, airlines are against the proposal, arguing that restructuring of their operations after the runway closure would increase their turnaround time at the airport, leading to more fuel consumption. In addition, the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft would have to be reduced, affecting the passenger load factor (PLF) of the flights operating in and out of Delhi.
According to sources, the carriers voiced their concerns in a recent meeting with DIAL and other stakeholders, including officials from the air traffic control (ATC), which comes under the Airports Authority of India.
In the meeting, airline executives pointed out several difficulties to be faced in operation of flights from runways 27 and 29.
There was a suggestion that all international operations be undertaken from runway 29 and domestic operations from 27. This, however, would have an impact on the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft, thus leading to lower loads.


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