A-380 back on Air India radar

A-380 back on Air India radar

A-380 back on Air India radar

New Delhi: Air– India has renewed its interest in the A-380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft with a seating capacity of 850.
A-380 maker Airbus today held talks with Air India. The two had previously discussed the aircraft in 2007.
“Yes, we are in talks with Air India for our A-380 aircraft,” said Srinivasan Dwarkanath, head of international co-operation (India and East Asia) at Airbus. Similar talks with Air India in 2007 had failed.
A senior Air India official confirmed the talks but maintained that the purchase of the A-380 was at a planning stage.
If a deal is struck, Airbus expects to sell at least 10 A-380s. Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines is the only Indian carrier to have placed an order for the aircraft. Five A-380s are due for delivery from 2010-11. European firm Airbus has delivered over 400 aircraft to Indian carriers and has orders for over 240.
Analysts said Indian carriers would purchase more than 900 aircraft by 2025.Christian Scherer, executive vice-president of Airbus, put the demand at 1,100, including cargo planes, by 2029.


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