IC code may cost AI dear

IC code may cost AI dear

IC code may cost AI dear

New Delhi: The national carrier’s inability to operate flights of erstwhile Indian Airlines (that has now been merged with Air India) on a common code AI instead of the old IC code may cost it dear. The merged airline was supposed to join the prestigious Lufthansa-led Star Alliance this winter after meeting 79 joining requirements that are mainly about IT upgradation. With a common code being part of those requirements that are now going to be met only by mid-2010, the airline’s joining the alliance is also now delayed by several months.
The merged carrier, National Aviation Company of India Ltd (NACIL), had initially planned to have a common AI code for both domestic and international flights by this summer. “We have finalised the contract for providing this state-of-the-art passenger service system but it will take a year. Our IT upgradation has taken some time and we now hope to join Star Alliance by mid-2010,” said a senior airline official.
NACIL’s delay in fulfilling the requirements of joining Star Alliance has made this select club look at a leading private Indian carrier for induction. If that happens before NACIL, the national carrier could lose the first mover advantage.
Ironically, the delay in integrating the IC and AI codes is proving to be the biggest strength for employees who have been opposing the merger process and feel the next government may reverse this move.


~ by anand213 on March 30, 2009.

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