Model Sarah Hannon’s alleged mid-air rage on Kingfisher plane over cheating boyfriend

Model Sarah Hannon

Model Sarah Hannon


Armed police boarded a flight at London’s Heathrow Airport and arrested a trio involved in mid-air argument over a sex act.
The incident involved a model who allegedly flew into a drunken rage on a plane after catching her boyfriend engaging in a sex act with a woman sitting next to him.
Magazine covergirl Sarah Hannon, 35, is said to have woken from a nine-hour flight onboard Kingfisher Airlines to London from the Indian city of Bangalore to find partner Daniel Melia enjoying a sexual act, The Sun reports.
A police source said Ms Hannon fell asleep after drinking with Mr Melia before and during the flight.
Mr Melia then “got on well” with Ms Irby underneath a blanket but was stopped by hostesses – at which point Sarah awoke and started screaming.
“They certainly put the bang into Bangalore,” the source said.
Mr Melia, 36, and Ms Irby, 29, were arrested for alleged gross indecency while Sarah was held for being drunk on an aircraft. All three were released on bail.


~ by anand213 on April 7, 2009.

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