Scramble for choppers as campaigning hots up

Scramble for choppers as campaigning hots up

Scramble for choppers as campaigning hots up


: The shortage of helicopters in the state and advance booking by political parties has affected the election tour programmes of politicians during the coming general elections.
The steep rise in the rent also made it difficult for the parties to hire helicopters.
They used to charge Rs 45,000 to Rs 80,000 per hour and now it has gone up to more than Rs 1 lakh an hour. Aviation companies still have takers, whatever the price.
All major political parties in the state have decided to charter helicopters in a big way for their top central and state leaders and VIP campaigners.
An aviation industry source told The New Indian Express that the Congress and BJP are likely to be the largest users of private aircraft during the forthcoming elections.
The Congress has booked nearly eight helicopters, and their own MLA Shyamnur Shivashankrappa and MP Anil Lad own helicopters.The Reddy brothers in the BJP own helicopters which will be also be used for campaigning.
According to the data, there are nearly 55 big and small non-scheduled operators and permit holders offering commercial helicopter charters and many are being wooed by political parties.
There are around 16 private helicopter owners like big corporate houses and five
star hotels, who may also spare a chopper if required by politicians, of course with no financial consideration involved as per rules.


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