Pak-based prankster sent threat mails: cops

Taj Hotel & Air India Headquarters Mumbai

Taj Hotel & Air India Headquarters Mumbai

Mumbai: Sources in the Mumbai Police on Thursday revealed that investigations into the terror e-mails received by the Taj Mahal Hotel and Air India building in the city as well as by the Taj group-run Fisherman’s Cove resort

on the outskirts of Chennai, point to a common prankster based in Pakistan.
On Monday, Air India received an e-mail threat on an official e-mail address warning of a terror attack and the airline immediately forwarded the e-mail to the Mumbai Police. While the e-mail sparked off speculation that the Air India

headquarters at Nariman Point was under threat, there was no specific threat to the airline mentioned in the e-mail.
Sources revealed that the latest e-mail read ¿ ‘Hi, namaste…Today Mumbai airport will be blasted by suicide attack, just wait. I am the master mind of Taj Hotel blast.’
“We are firmly of the opinion that all three terror e-mails are hoaxes. Investigations tend to suggest that these were all sent out by the same person,” said a senior police official, who did not wish to be named. According to the police, investigations have revealed that latest e-mail threat was sent from the alternative e-mail id listed by the sender while setting up the e-mail account from which the first set of terror mails were sent.
“While the first two e-mails sent out to the Taj properties were traced to an IP (Internet Protocol) address in Islamabad, the latest e-mail has been traced to a location in Lahore. The first set of e-mails was sent from the e-mail id with alternate e-mail id, the e-mail received by Air India was sent from e-mail id,” said the official.
10/04/09 Express India


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