Prock-Schauer ( CEO) Retires from Jet airways

Wolfgang Prock-Schauer, Austrian-born outgoing CEO of Jet Airways, India’s largest private carrier by number passengers carried, had made Mumbai his home , for the past six and a half years he has made a remarkable change in Jet. Before that he had spent 26 years in top positions at Austrian Airlines and Star Alliance. And now he had headed to british midlands to join the UK-based carrier as the new CEO.

The GOOD TIMES : he said he saw four profitable years during his tenure with the airline. And 2005 was a remarable year for him where the company came out with a huge profit where it was able to increase the fleet. It has expanded from 40 aircrafts in 2005 to 110 today.”

The CHALLENGING TIMES :“One of the most difficult times I faced was when we were in expansion mode. In 2008, we were all set to expand – our revenues, fleets, routes, etc — and the economy slowed down.” 2007 & 2008 were the most worst years that he saw in his experience.

Govt INTERVENTION NEEDED: They (government) must look in into the high input costs, they are taxes,ATF and airport charges, lso, the government needs to develop world class aviation infrastructure to bring it up to the international benchmark. ATC (air traffic controller) should be restructured to reduce the circling time of aircraft in the Indian airspace.”

Indian aviation sector has gone through tough times but outlook bright: The main problem according to him was.. India has expanded fast on this industry and so industry being saddled with excess capacity and so deep losses have been formed. However, Prock-Schauer is leaving on an optimistic note:  “In a few years, the sector is meant to grow. India will continue to grow. This is a key emerging market and it will soon rise to global standards. Things will work out if they are done in the right manner.”


~ by anand213 on October 9, 2009.

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