Top 15 Global Airlines in a glance

Before telling about the ranking of each airlines, Its always good to learn how calculations are made in an Airline Industry,

Note: A passenger kilometre is a unit to measure traffic by multiplying the number of passengers by the number of kilometres each passenger is flown. So accordingly IATA has given us a stats with the top 15 Global Airlines.

Top Airlines

  • Rank: 1
    Airline: American Airlines
    Millions: 222,760
  • Rank: 2
    Airline: United Airlines
    Millions: 191,932
  • Rank: 3
    Airline: *Delta Air Lines
    Millions: 166,209
  • Rank: 4
    Airline: Continental Airlines
    Millions: 130,965

    Rank: 5
    Airline: **Air France
    Millions: 128,914

    Rank: 6
    Airline: Lufthansa
    Millions: 122,091

    Rank: 7
    Airline: *Northwest Airlines
    Millions: 117,357

    Rank: 8
    Airline: British Airways
    Millions: 113,273

    Rank: 9
    Airline: Singapore Airlines
    Millions: 90,900

    Rank: 10
    Airline: Emirates
    Millions: 90,529

    Rank: 11
    Airline: Japan Airlines
    Millions: 85,102

    Rank: 12
    Airline: Qantas
    Millions: 82,124

    Rank: 13
    Airline: China Southern Airlines
    Millions: 80,984

    Rank: 14
    Airline: Cathay Pacific
    Millions: 74,987

    Rank: 15
    Airline: **KLM
    Millions: 74,496



    ~ by anand213 on October 28, 2009.

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