Air India pilot acuses guild of foul play

All is not well between Air India (AI) pilots and those leading its association, the Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA).
Though the ICPA struck a deal with the Air India management to end a threat by pilots to go on an indefinite strike from today, pilots believe the ICPA has not done enough.
Captain V K Bhalla, who is leading the pilots with their demands, has alleged that the top ICPA leadership is a stooge of the Air India management.
“The management did not accept a single demand during its meeting with the ICPA on Sunday. They only said they will pay our dues in installments and did not even specify the time,” said an irked Bhalla.
Air India Executive Director Jitendra Bhargava said, “The pilots have decided against going on strike. No decision has been taken on the full reimbursement of allowances.”
ICPA president Shailendra Singh said, “We did not attend the meeting to put forth the specific demands of the executive pilots.
If they feel they are not satisfied with the developments, they can still go on a strike. We are not concerned with what Bhalla has to say on the issue.”


~ by anand213 on December 1, 2009.

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