‘Save my daughter’s future’ :December 17, 2011

We are publishing as such, a letter we received yesterday. Hope the authorities act quick – Editor

I am father of a trainee pilot at Yash Air  and I want to give some information because the future of my daughter is in danger.
We had taken admission at Yash Air, Ujjain & started flying in March 2010. She got licence SPL, FRTOL.
She cleared 3 theory papers & one RTR licence till now . And she has appeared for rest of the two papers. During this period she completed 47.50 hrs flying (up to January 2011).
In April 2011, Yash Air is closed because one of the Directors resigned as Chied Flying Instructor and flying stopped .
During our repeated contacts with Yash Air it promised in August, September and October that the school will open soon. In October 2011, myself, my daughter & 14 other trainee pilots visited the academy and asked to them to either re-open the school or refund us the money.
After much hot discussions, administrator told us that a court case was going on in Delhi High Court and DGCA was not appointing new CFI which they were proposing. They also promised and gave us written assurance that Yash Air would start functioning  after the final hearing on 16, November 2011. But till today Yash Air is not opened.
I am requesting you to help us to get the money back . We will also be thankful if you publish it as a news.
Save my daughter’s and 150 other trainee student’s future


~ by anand213 on December 22, 2011.

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