Apply Now to be a Pilot with Air India Express

Air India Charters Limited now now recruits Trainee Pilots, Co-Pilots, Captains and Instructors.

A) TECHNICAL QUALIFICATION : Candidates should be in possession of :
i. CPL / ATPL issued by Director General of Civil Aviation, Government of India.
ii. Instrument Rating endorsement on Indian CPL/ATPL.
iii. FRTO license issued by DGCA.
iv. RTR(P) / RTR(C) / RTR issued by Ministry of Communication, WPC Wing, Government of India.
v. All licenses shall be valid at the time of joining.

PIC on B737NG

Trainee Captain
–  With type endorsement on B737NG : 2000 hrs on type and holding ATPL.
With PIC flying experience in jet engine aircraft with AUW greater than 50,000 kgs and holding ATPL.
With PIC flying experience of 2500 hrs on Jet / Turboprop engine aircraft of airline type like ATR / CRJ / Bombardier / Embraer,holding ATPL and with airline experience.
With type endorsement on B737NG : 500 hrs on type and holding CPL / ATPL.

Eligible candidates will be required to appear for :
a) An Interview and Simulator Flight Proficiency Test (all at Mumbai).
b) Applications shall be processed in the order First Received and the selection process will be on a quasi “Walk-In” basis (see paras 07 & 08 below for details).
c) Candidates short-listed after Personal Interview will be required to undergo a Simulator Flight Proficiency Test.
d) After completion of the selection process, successful candidates shortlisted for induction as per vacancy(ies), shall be informed accordingly.
e) Short-listed candidates will have to undergo Company Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME); their induction will be subject to being found FIT in the PEME. (not necessary for candidates holding valid Class I medical).

Since the Selection process is scheduled on a continuous basis, candidates must submit their Applications at the earliest. Eligible applicants will be called for selection as far as possible, on the first Wednesday of every month. Applicants will be called in the order the applications were received and in case where an applicant cannot make him / herself available on the first day called, he can approach on a mutually agreed date later. Applicants declared successful in the selection process, will be made an offer of employment, and the Candidate may join immediately, subject to DGCA etc stipulations. The offer of employment for selected candidates unable to join immediately will be kept open till such time as the advertised vacancies are filled or more vacancies for Pilots are advertised.

Pl. download the detailed notification from the Air India site itself.
And get the application form also from the site.


~ by anand213 on January 16, 2012.

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