Jet cuts trainee co-pilots’ pay from Rs 1.3L to Rs 50k

New Delhi: India’s largest private airline Jet Airways has reduced the monthly salary of its trainee co-pilots by almost 60% from about Rs 1.3 lakh to Rs 50,000 in the New Year. The decision was conveyed to its trainee co-pilots in last week and is among a series of steps that the airline is taking to cut costs and survive the life-threatening phase that Indian carriers are passing through due to a mix of high operating cost environment at home and a slowing down economy.

During the last slowdown also Jet had reduced salaries of its employees to survive the tough economic conditions and then restored them to pre-cut levels when the environment improved. Its two full service peers – Air India and Kingfisher – have been unable to pay salaries to employees in time for months now.
Trainee co-pilots join an airline after getting type rated (certified) to fly a particular aircraft. They are first trained to fly by being seated on the co-pilot’s seat with a commander and a co-pilot on the third seat in the cockpit.
02/01/11 Times of India


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