Fly in India to prove competency: DGCA

Mumbai: According to the latest circular issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), any pilot licence obtained from abroad, will require a compulsory competency test in India for endorsement into an Indian licence.

Sources close to the DGCA said that changes have been incorporated to put an end to discrepancies that were exposed during the recent pilot scam. DGCA circular number 8/2/2008-LII dated February 21, 2012 (copy with MiD DAY), issued by Joint Director General (JDG), DGCA, J S Rawat, reads, “The current Guidelines for Conversion of Professional Pilot’s Licences issued in International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Contracting States into Indian Professional Pilot’s Licence (Commercial Pilot’s Licence) allow for acceptance of skill test done abroad provided the test reports are duly authenticated by a representative of the Regulatory Authority of the State where the tests have been performed. It is seen that most state authorities do not authenticate the skill reports to meet the procedure laid down in the guidelines. In case Instrument Rating (IR) is not issued by the Contracting State, the skill test carried out in the Contracting State shall not be recognised. For the issue of IR, the applicant shall be required to carry out IR skill test in India.”
The circular further recommends, “It has now been decided by the Competent Authority that all applications for issue of Indian, Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) will be accompanied with skill test reports on at least one aircraft type required to be endorsed on the Indian licence. All applications received on or after April 1, 2012 shall be accompanied with skill test report carried out in India.”
05/03/12 Bipin kumar Singh/MiD DAY


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