Bookings cheers aviation industry level high

Diwali seems to have brought the much-needed cheer to the aviation industry, which was worrying about dwindling passenger loads.

Travel industries are very happy with the bookings which happened for diwali ,industry observers hope the aviation sector is on the road to recovery. The cheap fares advertised by most airlines two months prior to the festive season contributed most to the upswing, experts say. “The fares, if one was booking two months in advance, ranged anywhere between 1,600-2,500 for most destinations. Also, there were no hidden charges in these fares. This made flyers grab the opportunity at the earliest,” said Rajesh Rateria, managing director, Cirrus Travels, adding that most of his clients had made bookings well in advance. “No wonder, most airlines are flying packed now,” he added. “Till about two years ago, passenger traffic was growing by 25-30% annually. That growth is still a far cry. But considering that people are now more inclined to travel than they were an year ago, significant growth can be expected,” said Prakash.


~ by anand213 on October 18, 2009.

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